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Wilderness Wonderfest

wilderness wonderfest activities

Dress Up!
Dress up as your favourite minibeast and join us at Bacon Hill for a day of enchanting activities and exploration!

Share your festival costumes with us! @honeycraftbuzz #WildernessWonderfest

Blossom and Buzz Show
12pm and 1 pm 

Dive into the enchanting world of bees and flowers with Madam Buzz! This isn't your typical storytelling event – it's a riveting fusion of vivid narratives and theatrical flair.
Engrossing tales transport you into a realm of blooming flowers and industrious bees. Enhanced with dramatic elements, Madam Buzz metamorphoses the stage into a bustling hive and the audience into a spellbound swarm.
You'll even get to partake in the mesmerising Waggle Dance, emulating the distinctive movements of bees. This interactive element truly breathes life into the story.

•   Bee Baths
•   Willow In
•   Seed Bombs

Take part: 
•   Wildflower Painting
•   Fun Run
Insect Olympics

•   Nature chill-out area
•   Hive demo
•   Live music 
•   Feast in The Forest – take your pick nick
•   Pop-up shops and stalls


Tickets £3.00 each, with free entry for children under 3.

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ladybirds 1.jpg

Apply for a stall at Wilderness Wonderfest.

We’re looking for stallholders of the following nature:
- Artists, makers or craftspeople
- Local businesses, organisations and charities
- Hand-produced or locally-made food and confectionery.

If you are interested in hiring a pitch at Wilderness Wonderfest, please contact Liga at

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Buzzing Roots and Honey Craft have teamed up to present Wilderness Wonderfest to you and your family!

For attendees of Wilderness Wonderfest, parking is conveniently available at two locations to ensure ease of access and a smooth experience for all our guests:

Upper Car Park: Beacon Rd, Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough LE12 8TA
Lower Car Park: Breakback Road, Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough LE12 8TA

Please note that usual car park fees will apply at both locations. We recommend arriving early to find the best parking spot and enjoy the event without any rush.

Rhamni on flower.png

                         Family Nature Festival
                                    at Beacon Hill
                      on Saturday, 25 May 2024!
               Suitable for children aged 5-10,
                      siblings, and responsible
                              grown-ups welcome.


                  Immerse yourself in
       the magic of the great outdoors
at Wilderness Wonderfest, a festival
where imagination and nature intertwine!


Scroll down to find 
the programme.

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What else we do? Are you interested to Meet the Bees?    You can book your Meet the Bees experience here:

To find out more contact Liga on or call 07425867969

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