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Bug Party - Workshops

The library is the place to be! Each book is a new portal, a new place to visit and explore! Travel with Mr Shay, whist beatboxing your way from one place to another and search for G-Nat's lost DJ decks

Workshop participants shared:

“It was really enjoyable, and everyone get involved”
“I loved everything!”
“I loved going into portals!”
“You could go to different places and explore more sounds!”
“I enjoyed beatboxing!”
“I liked that it had music and it was fun!”


Sneak peak of the BUG party with Mr Shay and his friend G-Nat at your local library! Beatbox, Traveling through books and great family fun!

Workshops suitable for children aged 5-12 and their grown-ups.

small flying bee.png

Workshop developed from the book “The Fast and The Curious” about G-Nat who lives life to the max and loves performing on the novels at Libraries. Children’s book is written by Jayne Williams and illustrated by Keith Turner. 

More about how the book get created and what values it present’s here:

To find out more and how to book the workshop for your Library contact Liga on or call 07425867969

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