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Blossom & Buzz

We are super excited to share that Blossom & Buzz 2025 will take place on Sunday, 18 May! Come back later to find out what activities will take place.

Suitable for children aged 5-10, 
siblings, and responsible grown-ups welcome.

Many free and low-cost activities

Would you like to get a glimpse of Blossom & Buzz?
Scroll down to see what we did in 2024.

Ant Architects Adventure

Participants dived into this hands-on building experience, inspired by the remarkable ingenuity of ants. They crafted their houses, showcasing their creativity and resourcefulness. The event was a fantastic opportunity to design the ultimate ant dwelling while creating lasting memories.

Architect Ant-1.jpg

Bees on Tour

Attendees witnessed the fascinating world of bees with our hive demonstration led by the Honey Craft beekeeper. They dived into the intricacies of bee life, learning about the critical role these remarkable creatures play in our ecosystem. This eye-opening experience revealed the beauty and complexity of nature, offering valuable insights into the lives of bees and the importance of pollinators in maintaining biodiversity.


Eco-Explorer's Insect Journey

Nature Walk through the lush landscapes of Everards Meadows, guided by an expert entomologist. Children aged 5-11 embarked on an interactive journey, discovering various habitats and learning to identify different insects. They engaged in hands-on activities like bug catching and examining, while also understanding the importance of habitat conservation and the crucial role of insects in pollination and soil health. It was a fantastic opportunity for interactive learning and sparking curiosity about the natural world.


Blossom & Buzz Show
at Fosse Shopping Centre 

Participants dived into the enchanting world of bees and flowers with Madam Buzz. This event offered a unique blend of vivid storytelling and theatrical flair, transporting audiences into a realm of blooming flowers and industrious bees. Highlights included the mesmerising Waggle Dance, where attendees mimicked the movements of bees, and interactive stories that brought the hive to life. It was an un-BEE-lievable experience that seamlessly combined education and entertainment.

Nature's Playtime Pavilion

Visitors delighted in various garden games, colouring sessions for children, and explored the Pollinator pop-up library. The event featured free activities and bee face painting for £2.50 per person, bringing out the buzz in everyone.

Blossom Storytelling 1 (5).jpg

The Ugly Bugs Ball

Participants transformed crafting into a celebration of nature's tiny wonders with Gather Create Grow. They dived into wool crafting, customising and embellishing with recycled materials. Their creations will be displayed at the Cosby Yarn Bomb from 10th July to 31st July 2024, honouring environmental champions in vibrant style.

buzzing roots logo circle2 grey.png
small flying bee.png

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What else we do? Are you interested to Meet the Bees?    You can book your Meet the Bees experience here:

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