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Blossom & Buzz

Join us for an unforgettable journey of exploration and creativity at the Blossom & Buzz!
Sunday, 19th May 11 am -3pm, at Everards Meadows, Cooper Way, LE19 2AN and Fosse Shopping Centre.

Suitable for children aged 5-10, 
siblings, and responsible grown-ups welcome.

Ant Architects Adventure

Step into a world where innovation meets teamwork in the Ant Architects Adventure. This unique, hands-on building experience draws inspiration from the ingenuity of ants, allowing participants to create structures that are a testament to creativity and resourcefulness. From intricate underground labyrinths to towering ant castles, let your imagination soar as you design the ultimate ant dwelling. 
Construct not just ant houses, but lasti
ng memories!

Architect Ant-1.jpg

Bees on Tour

Witness the fascinating world of bees with our hive demonstration led by Honey Craft beekeeper.
Dive into the intricacies of bee life and learn about the critical role these remarkable creatures play in our ecosystem. This demonstration is an eye-opening experience that reveals the beauty and complexity of nature, offering insights into the lives of bees and the importance of pollinators in maintaining biodiversity

Eco-Explorer's Insect Journey

Embark on an educational Nature Walk through the lush landscapes of Everards Meadows, guided by an expert entomologist. This activity, ideal for families with children aged 5-11, offers an interactive journey into the world of insects. Discover various habitats, learn to identify different insects and their roles in the ecosystem, and engage in hands-on activities like bug catching and examining. The walk also emphasizes the importance of habitat conservation and the pivotal role of insects in pollination, soil health, and the food web.
It's an opportunity for interactive learning, where curiosity about the nat
ural world is ignited.

£3.00 per person Book on Eventbrite.

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Blossom & Buzz Show
at Fosse Shopping Centre 

Dive into the enchanting world of bees and flowers with Madam Buzz! This event goes beyond typical storytelling, offering a riveting fusion of vivid narratives and theatrical flair. Engrossing tales will transport you into a realm of blooming flowers and industrious bees, with dramatic elements that transform the stage into a bustling hive. Participate in the mesmerising Waggle Dance, mimicking the distinctive movements of bees, and become part of an interactive story that breathes life into the fascinating world of bees. Join us for this captivating journey; an un-BEE-lievable experience that marries education and entertainment. Don't miss your chance to join the hive!

The Ugly Bugs Ball

Transforms crafting into a celebration of nature's tiny wonders, blending creativity with eco-consciousness. Drop in between 11am - 3pm and team up with Gather Create Grow. Dive into wool crafting, customise & embellish with recycled materials. Your creations will shine at the Cosby Yarn Bomb from 10th July until 31st July 2024.
Let's honor our environmental champions in vibrant style!

Come and meet Madam Buzz at Fosse Shopping Centre to receive free sunflower seeds for your garden and enjoy enchanting storytelling sessions at various times throughout the day from 11am to 3pm. You'll find Madam Buzz on the west side, between the Play Area and Volpo.

Blossom Storytelling 1 (5).jpg

Nature's Playtime Pavilion

Delight in a variety of garden games, indulge the little ones in coloring sessions, and explore the Pollinator pop-up library for avid readers and budding naturalists.

Enjoy delightful bee face painting to bring out the buzz in everyone.
£2.50 per person


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