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Bees On Tour

                   BEES at your school, fair,
                  event or other occasion 


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Hive & Beekeeper

Come and chat with a beekeeper and learn about the fascinating world of honeybees!
Discover the intricate world of these remarkable pollinators, and explore how they collaborate to produce the delightful treat that is honey

We will do a hive demonstration. Due to health and safety requirements hive will be unoccupied by bees.

small flying bee.png
image (2).png
Beekeeper Talk 1 (2) (1).jpg
image (1).png
Beekeeper Talk 1 (1) (1).jpg
meet-the-bees3 dancer.png
Beekeeper Talk 1 (3) (2).jpg

Read about World Bee Day at Leicester Mercury:

What else we do? Are you interested to Meet the Bees?    You can book your Meet the Bees experience here:

To find out more contact Liga on or call 07425867969

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