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Enjoy family fun and get back to nature in the city centre with these free music, dance and printmaking workshops.

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Exploring Bees is a series of free city centre workshops for children during the summer, where they can learn about bees through dance, music and activities.

Dance workshops (advance booking required)
In this lively and interactive workshop, head gardener Louise will lead you into the secret world of bees and their many special talents.  Come and bee part of our movement adventure, exploring creativity and imagination along the way.  Family fun for children aged 5-10 and their grown ups.

Music workshops
Join the Bee Orchestra and hear the buzz of wings, hum of a beehive and the Queen bee solos. Create your own Wing instrument small or big and make your buzz in the workshop with Iryna. Find out where you belong in the hive, are you a worker bee, scout bee, gourd bee or the Queen? What part will you play in the Bee Orchestra?

Print workshops
Explore Bees in a print workshop with Sally. Did you know that each bee is different in the hive, and they don't have yellow stripes? Learn about bees and pollinator plants they like, design your own card to take home.


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Workshops will take place at various locations in Leicester City Centre. They will be held at LCB Depot, Leicester Gallery at De Montfort University, Museum Square outside Leicester Museum and Art Gallery and Orton Square outside Curve.

Follow us on social media to find out more and look out for family special deals in August.


Where and when?

Dance workshops (booking required):
Saturday 9 July - LCB Depot (1pm, 2pm, 3pm)
Wednesday 10 August - Orton Square (1pm, 2pm)
Sunday 14 August - Leicester Gallery (1pm, 2pm, 3pm)
Tuesday 16 August - Museum Square (1pm, 2pm)
Saturday 17 September - St Martin's Square (11am, 12pm, 2pm)

​Music workshops:
Tuesday 9 August - Museum Square (11am – 2pm)
Wednesday 17 August - Orton Square (11am – 2pm)

Saturday 10 September - St Martin's Square (11am - 3pm)
Sunday 11 September - Leicester Gallery (1pm - 3pm)

​Print workshops:
Saturday 13 August - LCB Depot (11am – 4pm)
Tuesday 23 August - Museum Square (11am – 2pm)
Wednesday 24 August - Orton Square (11am – 2pm)

Saturday 3 September - St Martin's Square (11am - 3pm)

All workshops are free of charge. Limited spaces available. Dance workshops must be booked in advance.

About Exploring Bees

A Musician, Print Maker and Dance artist worked with the Entomologist Graham Smith and learnt about bees and other pollinator insects, additionally they took part in beekeeping inspections to learn about the bees.

These are just a few of the questions they asked as they learnt about bees.

- Why do bees look different within a hive, apart from differences in being a drone etc?

- Why do they vary in colour?

- How do bees see colours? Does this affect what flowers they visit?

- How are bees adapted to collect from different shape flowers? ie tubular flowers or flatter flowers.

- Do they prefer certain shapes?

- Have plants adapted themselves to appeal to bees?

- Do bees rate flowers? for example would they fly further for a flower with more nectar?

- How far might they travel in an average day?

- Bees appear "furry" is this like animal fur? Is it to keep warm? Or just collect pollen?

- Why do most bees have stripes? What is the advantage?

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